DigitSense is a technology consulting company offering expertise in Internet technologies and media communications. We provide support for businesses and school districts who:

  • Need assistance with marketing communications including search engine optimization, social media, press releases and media communications.

  • Need assistance with their web site, but don't want or need a full-time web site administrator. Tasks include:
    • Design and development
    • User interface consulting
    • Web content updates

  • Have purchased a content management system, and need assistance:

    • Porting the current web site to the new site.
    • Setting up the infrastructure for the new web site (overall navigation, folder layout, user accounts, etc).
    • Training staff members on how to use the new content management system.

  • Are looking to freshen up their web site and/or media communications with:

Check out our Partners page for a list of the different businesses and school districts we've supported over the past years.

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